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Ranger Stan Marshwalker (South Park)

A warrior look

For this figure, Stan is represented with the warrior costume that he wears over his usual clothes. Over his blue cap, Stan wears a metal helmet with a feather on top. On the body, in addition to his blue pants, he wears a kind of brown tunic with a wide leather belt and a cape. Finally, he holds a wooden sword in his right hand.


A great warrior

Stan Marsh is one of the main characters of the cartoon series South Park taking place in this fictional small town in Colorado, more particularly in his elementary school. We find the life of four fourth graders, all with a very trash humor and rather intended for an adult audience. He is also one of the heroes of the video game South Park: The Stick of Truth. The player plays a new student who arrives at South Park and finds himself embroiled in a large-scale role-playing game. The humans led by Cartman and the high elves are fighting for the Stick of Truth that would give unlimited powers. Stan is on the side of the elves with Kyle and he is a warrior taking the name of Ranger Stan Marshwalker (in reference to Walker Texas Ranger).


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