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Professor Chaos (South Park)

Professor Aluminum

Professor Chaos wears Butters’ usual clothes but with some modifications to make a childlike cosplay version of Magneto from the X-Men. He wears a green sleeveless t-shirt and a long green cape. He has covered his hands and feet with aluminum and on his chest he has a kind of armor made of cans. Finally, his blond hair protrudes from his Magneto helmet, also covered with aluminum.


A super villain ? la South Park

Professor Chaos is the secret identity used by Butter in some episodes of South Park. This adult cartoon follows the adventures of four little third-grade boys in the town of South Park, Colorado: Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. Although this sarcastically parodic and sometimes scatologically humorous series focuses mostly on these four boys, some episodes feature other characters. Butters is a blond, well-behaved and rather shy little boy but sometimes he puts a mask on his head and assumes the identity of Professor Chaos, a super villain whose misdeeds are of course up to the level of what an 8 year old can do.


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