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The Coon (South Park)

A discount wolverine

While Butter’s Professor Chaos is a failed copy of Magneto, the Coon is clearly a willing parody of Wolverine from the X-Men. He wears a gray suit with a big C on the chest and a red cape on the back. On the head, he wears a raccoon mask and matching ears and finally, he wears metal gloves with long claws reminding those of Wolverine.


A funny super villain

The Coon is Cartman’s secret identity in some episodes of the series South Park. Indeed, in some episodes, the third graders at the small Colorado town school take on secret identities. While Kenny becomes the superhero Mysterion and Butters becomes Professor Chaos, Cartman becomes the Coon. Cartman is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the United States in this very sarcastic series. He’s racist, misogynistic and has very little moral compass, so it’s not surprising that he chose to become a super villain.


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