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Awesom-o sans casque (South Park)

A robot unveiled

For this exclusive figure, Cartman is shown here with only the bottom of his Awesom-o disguise. It’s actually a simple cardboard box on which he wrote Awesom-o and glued objects giving the impression that he is a robot, such as batteries, a circuit board or a clip. His arms protrude on the sides through some kind of tubes. At the head level, it’s Cartman’s normal face with his brown hair but a frightened expression.


A wacky plan

Awesom-o is the name Cartman gives to the robot he decides to play in an episode of the very non-politically correct animated series South Park. Cartman is a little boy who often represents the worst of American culture and being very jealous, he often wants what he can’t have. So in one episode of season eight, he pretends to be a robot to get the compromising tape Butters has of him. Butters gets very attached to the robot and it’s not as simple as Cartman had planned. Especially since Hollywood is starting to take an interest in him to star in the latest blockbuster and the military thinks he’s a secret weapon.


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