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Toolshed (South Park)

A utility suit

As the name suggests, Toolshed is supposed to control the tools and so he is shown with the suit that goes with it. He wears simple purple pants and a white t-shirt but he also wears an impressive tool belt on which we can see pliers, hammers, a tape measure, etc… He also wears black gloves and holds a yellow drill in his right hand as a weapon. Finally, he wears a simple T” on his chest, as well as a pair of DIY glasses as a mask.


Another ridiculous superhero

Toolshed is the superhero identity used by Stan Marsh in a number of episodes of the adult animated series South Park. In fact, in this series about four third grade boys in a backwater town in the United States, the kids often embark on completely crazy stories while taking themselves very seriously. This is the case for the Coon and friends series of episodes where the kids all think they are superheroes around The Coon, Cartman’s secret identity. Toolshed’s supposed powers are control of all the tools (which he actually stole from his father’s toolbox).


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