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Kyle (South Park)

The other boy in the orange anorak

Kyle has a very simple outfit that never changes throughout the series, except on rare occasions. He wears a bright orange coat with two very simply designed pockets and wears green pants and green mittens and scarf. On the head, he is represented with big round eyes and a sad mouth. Finally, he wears a kind of bright green hat with flaps on the ears and he almost never leaves it to the point that it is sometimes difficult to recognize him when he is not wearing it.


A second leader

Kyle Broflovski is one of the four main characters in the animated series South Park, which follows the lives of four third-grade boys in the small town of South Park, a backwater in Colorado. Kyle is described as a member of one of the only Jewish families in South Park and although he often defends his religion to the very racist and Cartman, he generally doesn’t understand it very well. He and Stan alternate as leaders of the group, both being rather reasonable and surprisingly mature for their age. That said, Kyle is more shy and less likely to lead the group on incredible adventures as Stan does. He has a little brother named Ike, whose biological parents are Canadian and whom he is very protective of.


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