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Goth Stan (South Park)

Edgar Poe fan

During this episode, Stan swaps his usual colorful clothes for all-black or gray ones. He wears gray pants, gloves, and a gray cap, as well as a black t-shirt with a portrait of Edgar Poe and the word Nevermore” on it. At the level of the head, his mouth is sad and his eyes are made up with black eye shadow.


A depressed teenager

During an episode of the series South Park, the character of Stan Marsh, depressed that his girlfriend Wendy has broken up with him, decides to join the group of goth kids in town. As always in this sarcastic and parodic adult cartoon, these goth kids are very cartoonish and Stan eventually realizes that although they say they don’t want to be like everyone else and don’t follow the rules, they actually have very strict rules. And that while he appreciates the music or their artistic tastes, he doesn’t particularly want to be unhappy all the time.


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