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Butters (South Park)

The little blonde boy

While all the figures in this first series of South Park figures represent the characters during a specific episode, Butters is no different than usual. He’s wearing his usual turquoise coat and, like the other characters, his feet are just above his pants. At the level of the head, his face is very simple and we find only his eyebrows giving him this perpetually sad air. Finally we find her characteristic tuft of yellow hair on the top of her head.


The naive of the series

Butters is one of the important characters of the animated series South Park. It features four elementary school boys in the small town of South Park. The series stands out by its voluntarily simple and ugly” graphic style, its resolutely adult tone and its black, gravelly and not politically correct humor. Butters is one of the classmates of the four heroes. He is one of the nicest and most naive of the series, never saying a bad word or a word higher than the other. He’s also one of Cartman’s whipping boys.


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