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Figurines Pop Stan et Kyle (South Park)

Depressed for these boys

For this Best Buy exclusive pack, Funko chose to depict the two boys in their usual outfits and both with a depressed pout on their faces. Stan is wearing his usual brown coat and blue beanie with red trim and pom-pom. As for Kyle, he wears his recognizable flashy orange jacket and that funny green hat that never leaves him even in the middle of summer.


The two normals of the group

Stan and Kyle are two kids from the famous little group of four third graders who are the heroes of the adult animated series South Park. These two kids living in the small town of South Park in Colorado are, despite their young age, often the heroes of totally improbable adventures of which Stan and Kyle are often the instigators and which are generally used to parody or criticize current events or various social facts. And sometimes it’s just gratuitously crude, scatological and very darkly humorous, especially with the over-the-top racism of Cartman, one of the other boys in their little group.


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