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Jersey Kyle (South Park)

A New-Jersian look

Kyle is represented here with the New-Jersian look that he starts to adopt when his origins get out of hand. He wears a black tank top with a pattern and an Egyptian cross pendant. He also wears several bracelets of different colors around his wrists. Finally, his hair has turned red and is voluminous on top of his head, which seems to worry him greatly.


Shameful origins

Kyle is one of the main characters of the trashy and not politically correct animated series South Park. He and his three friends attend an elementary school in a small town in Colorado. In an episode of season 14, a family from New Jersey moves to South Park. This quickly brings out Kyle’s New Jersey tendencies, as his parents lived there when his mother was pregnant with him, and Cartman, while it is a danger to the town, decides to kill Kyle. Things get out of hand when the New-Jersians start to invade the city and then the whole United States. And Kyle is going to use his origins to fight them.


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