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Mayor (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

An original figurine

As in the movie, we can see that the mayor has a generally conical body and wears a classic gray suit with a big red patch that specifies that he is the mayor on the chest. On the head, Funko has well represented the two very different and frozen sides of his face. One side shows him with a beige and smiling complexion and a spiral eye, the other with a pale face and a pouting mouth. Finally, of course, he wears his black top hat that is almost as tall as he is.

The Mayor of a Funny Town

The mayor is, as the name suggests, the mayor of the town of Halloween in the famous stop motion cartoon, The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. In this film, the story is told of the inhabitants of the town of Halloween where the best time of the year is of course October 31 and the celebration of the Halloween party. The mayor relies especially on Jack Skellington for the organization of the ceremony because this living skeleton is normally the specialist. He repeats several times that although he is the mayor, he has in fact very little power and he proves it when Jack finally wants to organize Christmas and he follows him although he is not sure that it is a very good idea.


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