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Mayor with megaphone (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

An ominous smile

For this new version of the mayor, Funko has represented him with his most friendly face even if it is a little bit ominous with his too wide smile. We find his conical head and his orange complexion as well as his eye in swirl. On the body, we find his black and white striped pants and his gray jacket with his big patch marked Mayor”. In his right hand, he holds a silver megaphone that he uses to talk to his people. Finally, on top of his head, we find his black top hat.

A very busy mayor

The Mayor is the mayor of the town of Halloween in the famous stop motion cartoon by Tim Burton The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. Although he is the mayor, he is not the most important character in the town since he leaves Jack Skellington with the biggest responsibility, that of organizing Halloween. Besides, when Jack takes the strange decision to organize Christmas instead, the mayor will put himself at his service even if he thinks it’s a bad idea. We don’t know what kind of creature the mayor is with his conical head and his four-fingered hands but he is rather cheerful and friendly even if his head tends to turn around to show another more terrifying face when he is stressed or angry.


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