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Merry Marauder (Fortnite)

A cake not happy

The Merry Marauder is a gingerbread man costume. It is a brown suit with many red, green or white details to remind the kind of sugar decoration that we usually put on these cakes. He wears big red boots with green details and above all, he has an angry face drawn on his big head: a red mouth, big blue eyebrows and a ridiculous white ruff.


Christmas Spirit

The Merry Marauder is one of the many epic skins that the player can purchase in the Battle Royale version of the famous online video game Fortnite. Still having to fight the zombie husks resulting from the mysterious storm that took away 98% of the world’s population, the player finds himself alone this time and must survive as long as possible against a hundred other players. The Merry Marauder is a skin that can be purchased in the store during the Christmas season


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