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Michonne season 5 (The Walking Dead)

A second sheriff

For this second version of the character, Funko depicted Michonne with some of the clothes of a sheriff. She wears blue jeans tucked into black boots and a light blue shirt, a gray jacket with a badge and a matching gray tie. On the head, her skin is brown and her hair is always styled in numerous braids. Finally, she abandoned her famous katana for a smaller and lighter weapon: a pistol.


The evolution of a warrior

Michonne is one of the main characters of the post-apocalyptic series with terrifying zombies: The Walking Dead. First appearing at the end of season two to save the life of a character in Sheriff Rick Grimes’ group, Michonne is a fearsome warrior who fights most often with a katana. Her allegiance is initially unclear but she ends up joining the Sheriff’s group fairly quickly. As the seasons progress, she remains one of the biggest assets of the group but we learn more about her past and she appears less tough. In season six, she gets very close to Rick and ends up sleeping with him and they become a couple.


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