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Daryl Dixon avec rocket launcher (The Walking Dead)

Daryl and his rocket launcher

Daryl is represented here with his style from the more recent seasons as we can see from his haircut. He wears grey pants with brown shoes and a sleeveless denim jacket which is a bit of a trademark. At the level of the head, we find his hair which is appreciably longer than in the first seasons as well as his characteristic goatee. In his arms, he holds an impressive rocket launcher, which changes from his usual crossbow, his favorite weapon.


Daryl is less silent

Daryl Dixon is one of the main characters of the post-apocalyptic TV series The Walking Dead adapted from the comic books of the same name. After a strange epidemic that turned a large part of the population into zombies, the survivors gather in groups to try to escape the zombies. Daryl Dixon is part of Sheriff Rick Grimes’ group and quickly becomes his right-hand man and a fan favorite. He is a former marine whose fighting and hunting skills will prove to be very useful to the group.


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