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Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

The man with the crossbow

Daryl Dixon is represented here with the outfit he wears on many promotional pictures of the first seasons. He is wearing blue jeans, brown shoes and that famous beige sleeveless shirt. He holds in his hands his favorite weapon, a crossbow, ready to shoot. On his head, we can recognize his characteristic haircut and his goatee as well as this so particular look, very well rendered by Funko.


Rick’s right hand man

Daryl Dixon is one of the main characters of the television series The Walking Dead”. A rather nervous and taciturn character, he is a former US marine and therefore an outstanding fighter who will quickly become indispensable to the group. His weapon of choice is a crossbow, a silent weapon, and as such, he is also the group’s resident hunter. As the seasons go by, we will learn more about his past and he will become in season 2, the “official” right hand man of Rick Grimes.


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