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Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead)

The child who had to grow up fast

Carl is represented here as the very young boy he is in the first seasons of the series. We find this jeans and this gray t-shirt with black borders that we find on many promo pictures of the series. He holds a small axe in his hand and a gun in his belt. On his head, we find his father’s sheriff hat and as often in the series, Carl has a dirty face and clothes.


The son of the hero

Carl Grimes is one of the important characters of the series The Walking Dead”. Carl is the son of the hero of the series, Rick Grimes. He lives with his mother Lori in a camp near Atlanta while trying to escape the epidemic that has turned a large part of the population into zombies. In season 1, he is very surprised to find his father, who he thought was dead in the hospital, but very quickly, Carl and his mother will join the group of survivors led by Rick Grimes.


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