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Daryl Dixon season 10 (The Walking Dead)

The signs of age

Funko has represented Daryl Dixon here in season ten. So his appearance has changed quite a bit compared to the beginning of the series. First of all, we can see on his face the signs of age and several scars. His beard is also graying and his hair, once short, is now medium-length. As for his clothes, his gray shirt has torn sleeves and he is also wearing a black vest. His brown pants have cuffs of different colors and cords are tied around his thighs. Finally, he holds a rather sophisticated crossbow in his right hand which he uses to hunt silently.


A famous hunter

Daryl Dixon is one of the main characters of the series The Walking Dead adapted from the comics of the same name. It is one of the few characters from the beginning to be still alive in season ten of the series. Indeed, this post-apocalyptic series takes place in a world where a virus has decimated a large part of the population, turning them into zombies hungry for human flesh. The survivors, not content with having to survive the attacks of the zombie hordes, must also deal with the groups of survivors who have organized themselves and spread fear in certain areas of the United States. Daryl Dixon is part of a rather pacifist group of survivors led for many seasons by the sheriff Rick Grimes. Daryl Dixon is particularly useful to the group because he is an excellent hunter, which allows him not only to provide the group with food but also to effectively get rid of zombies.


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