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Sasha (The Walking Dead)

A practical look

Like most survivors, Sasha’s look is primarily practical. She wears blue pants with a thick purple wool sweater and brown boots. She also wears a holster around her thigh. In her hands, she also holds her sniper rifle with the aiming instrument. On her head, her hair is pulled back in a simple braid like in the series.


A real killer

Sasha is a character from the post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead. In season 3, she and her brother are part of a group of survivors who want to join the community of Governor Woodbury. But when they realize that he does not have good intentions, they join Rick Grimes’ group and Sasha even becomes one of the pillars of the community. She is an asset to the group as she is a formidable sniper with a rifle even from a very long distance.


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