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Michonne (The Walking Dead)

The woman with the hood

Michonne is represented here with the look in which we discover her at the time of her first appearance in the series. She wears gray pants, black shoes whose specific style is well represented. She also wears a leather vest and gloves as well as her famous hooded coat. On her head we find of course her braided hair brought back by a colored headband. Finally she holds in her hands her favorite weapon: a katana.


Michonne and her tamed zombies

Michonne is one of the main characters of the horror series The Walking Dead. We discover her at the end of season 2 when she saves Andrea from several walkers that Sheriff Rick Grimes’ group had left for dead. Michonne is a fierce warrior who fights with a katana and walks around, at the beginning of the series, with two chained walkers whose arms and lower jaw she cut off. If she finds herself for a time in the camp of the governor, she will quickly realize that he is bad and join the group of Rick Grimes.


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