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Daryl Dixon’s Chopper (The Walking Dead)

The coolest biker

Daryl Dixon is one of the viewers’ favorite characters, and one of the coolest. It was therefore logical to represent him on his famous motorcycle! We find the old school and American road line of his famous chopper. The details of the tires, the mechanics and the saddlebag on the back are very nicely reproduced. For Daryl’s figure, Funko took his figure with the biker outfit released in exclusive version. We find these blue jeans, his shirt and especially his leather jacket. But of course, he was adapted to sit on the bike and his hands are on the handlebars. On the face, we find of course his famous goatee and his characteristic haircut.


Daryl and his brother’s motorcycle

Daryl Dixon is one of the main characters of The Walking Dead series and probably one of the audience’s favorites. This post-apocalyptic horror series follows a group of survivors after a mysterious epidemic kills or turns a large portion of the world’s population into zombies. The leader of the group is Sheriff Rick Grimes, but Daryl Dixon soon becomes his right-hand man and a very important member of the group. Indeed, as a former marine, he is an outstanding fighter and he knows how to handle the crossbow like no other, which allows him to fight and hunt in silence. This will be useful for the group. In addition, despite his rather taciturn personality, he is very loyal to his friends and can even be protective, especially with children. In season 2, he will drive his brother’s motorcycle from their camp in Atlanta to the prison where they will set up their new camp.


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