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Negan clean shaven (The Walking Dead)

Always as violent but cleaner

Negan is represented here when he decides to shave well in one of the episodes of season six when he has fun pretending to be the head of the family with Carl, Judith and Olivia, his hostages. He always wears his gray pants with black boots, a white t-shirt and his famous black leather perfecto. His hair is neatly combed back but he still holds his famous baseball bat surrounded by barbed wire and his clothes, hands and face are stained with blood.


Even more dangerous than the walkers

Emerging in season six, Negan has quickly become one of the most iconic characters in the post-apocalyptic zombie series The Walking Dead. He is the leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors who, thanks to their large numbers and strength, have begun to take over many other groups by imposing their protection” in exchange for a tax. The group of sheriff Rick Grimes not wanting to submit, things will quickly turn to drama for several of its members.


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