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Glenn (The Walking Dead)

An efficient young man

Glenn is represented with the clothes he wears during a specific period of the series. We find these blue jeans with white sneakers as well as a gray t-shirt and a short-sleeved baseball shirt. At the level of the head, he wears, as often, a red cap. His face is very simple but we can see his black hair. Finally, like all the survivors, he never goes out without a weapon. This time, it’s a gun that Funko chose to give him.


The surviving pizza delivery guy

Glenn is one of the main characters in the horror series The Walking Dead”. Before the apocalypse, Glenn was a pizza delivery man and meets the group when he saves Rick Grimes, who is surrounded by lurkers in Atlanta. Smart, efficient and knowledgeable about the city, he soon becomes the leader of the food finding expeditions. He quickly gains the trust and admiration of the group, including Rick and Daryl Dixon.


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