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Glenn Prison Yard (The Walking Dead)

Glenn, the survivor

Glenn is represented here with the outfit he wears during the whole period when the group took refuge in a prison. We can see his green military type pants as well as his grey t-shirt buttoned over another black long sleeved t-shirt. The details are nicely represented since we can see the strap attached to his thigh as well as the impressive military weapon that he holds in his hand. His face is very similar to his first figure, except that his hair has grown a little.


A more confident Glenn

Glenn is one of the central characters of the television series The Walking Dead. Glenn is a resourceful young man who will quickly prove to be indispensable to the group by managing the expeditions to find food. In season 3, when the group takes refuge in the Woodbury prison, Glenn decides to take command when Rick and Daryl are absent. He will finally prove unable to do so and will be separated from the rest of the group for a while when he can’t get on the bus to evacuate the prison.


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