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Hershel (The Walking Dead)

The man with crutches

Hershel is represented here with his look from season 3. Indeed, after being bitten in the leg by a prowler, Rick was forced to amputate his leg to prevent his transformation. He will then walk with crutches. We find his style of cowboy a little old-fashioned with suspenders and his beige clothes. His soft and smiling face is well represented. His beard and his hair finish off this particularly successful figurine.


The man with the big heart

Hershel is an important character of the horror series The Walking Dead” present in seasons 2, 3 and 4. He is a former doctor who meets the group when Carl is shot. If, at the beginning, he prefers to stay in his ranch with his daughters and his wife transformed into a prowler that he thinks he can heal, he is finally forced to abandon it and join the group of Sheriff Rick Grimes. He will then become very important thanks to his wise advice and his medical knowledge.


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