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Injured Daryl (The Walking Dead)

Prepared to sacrifice everything for his friends

Daryl Dixon is represented here during a very specific scene of season 2 when he is wounded by an arrow during the fight to find Sophia. He wears his usual blue jeans and a beige tank top. We can also see the arrow protruding from his abdomen and the macabre necklace of ears that he wears around the neck. We can recognize his face thanks to his famous goatee and all over his body, we can see that he is in bad shape: blood, bruises and big rings around his eyes.


The makings of a leader

Daryl Dixon is one of the central characters of the television series The Walking Dead”. Mysterious and rather aggressive, he is a former US marine and therefore an outstanding fighter and hunter. He is particularly good with a crossbow, which will make him very useful to the group. As the seasons progress, we will learn more about his past and he will start to show his feelings more often. He will quickly become Rick Grimes’ right hand man, sometimes even giving the impression of being even more important from season 4 onwards.


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