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Negan bloody (The Walking Dead)

A Horribly Violent Man

This bloody action figure is the same as the one already released for the character except this time it is partially covered in bloodstains. This is probably after he killed Abraham and Glenn. We find his gray pants, his black leather jacket and his red bandana. At the level of the head, we recognize well his black hair and his mustache as well as his light beard. Finally, he holds Lucille, his famous baseball bat surrounded by barbed wire, in his hands.


Even more dangerous than the walkers

Negan is an important character of the post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead. Arriving in season six, Negan quickly becomes one of the most notable antagonists of the series, considered in some sense more dangerous than the walkers. He leads a group of survivors called the Saviors who extort other groups in exchange for protection. The group is mainly composed of men and the only women are all considered to be his wives. Sheriff Rick Grimes’ group refuses to bend to his rule, so they often find themselves fighting until Negan has the upper hand. At the end of season six, most of the sheriff’s group is lined up on their knees as Negan plays Am Stram Gram to see which one of them he will kill with a baseball bat wrapped around barbed wire.


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