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Bicycle Girl Zombie (The Walking Dead)

Rick Grimes’ Mercy

The zombie bicycle girl is only half of a body cut in two by the zombies who attacked her and turned her into a zombie. Like any zombie, she is terribly decomposed, having only a few shreds of skin leaving her skull and rib cage visible. We can still see the red hair of the woman she was before being transformed.


One of the first zombies of the series

The bicycle girl zombie” is a zombie that Rick Grimes meets in the first episode of the horror series “The Walking Dead”. As Rick comes out of a six-month coma and discovers the state of apocalypse in which the world has been plunged, he crosses the path of this body cut in two that tries to approach him. Terrified, he rides an abandoned bicycle and flees. Later, when it is explained to him what happened during the last six months, he returns to her and puts a bullet in her head to put her out of her misery.


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