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Minnie et Mickey (Disney)

Mice in Love

For this Toys’r Us exclusive pack, funko decided to represent the two mice in love. Mickey is wearing his traditional outfit of red button shorts and big yellow shoes. He has a shy attitude with one foot and one hand behind his back and the other hand holding a kind of heart-shaped cake on which is written Mickey + Minnie. Minnie is wearing her traditional red dress with matching pumps and a big bow between her ears. She stands in an attitude of seductress a little swaying and eyes half closed.


Walt Disney’s first lovers

Mickey and Minnie are two of the first characters created by the famous Walt Disney. Wanting to replace Oswald the rabbit, the real first Disney hero, Walt Disney had the idea of creating not only one character multiplying the love conquests but a couple of characters. Thus, in 1928, Mickey and Minnie, the two most famous anthropomorphic mice, were born. However, they are only a theoretical couple since at no time do we see them getting married or living together. The personalities of the two characters change a bit over the years, but Mickey is created to be a cheerful and cunning character with that famous sharp voice, and Minnie is created to be a modern and liberated woman who doesn’t hesitate to reject Mickey’s advances and to use her own underwear as a parachute when she falls out of an airplane, rather than waiting for someone to come and save her.


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