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Moana avec Kakamora (Moana)

The teenager and her strange enemies

Moana is shown here with one of these famous pirates in this special shape pack. Moana is shown wearing the outfit she wears throughout the movie: a mid-length skirt made of several layers of fabric with patterns and materials very finely reproduced by Funko. With this, she wears a sleeveless top, revealing her belly in the Polynesian style. This one is matched with the belt of her skirt and she also wears a necklace with the famous blue stone. At the level of the head, her face is very simple but we recognize well her long brown curly hair. She also has her hand forward to control the wave of sea water nicely represented with a transparent blue plastic. The pirate is represented with his funny hat and his rudimentary spear. Only his arms and legs seem to protrude from his armor and like in the movie, his face seems to be drawn on the coconut that serves as his armor.


Moana against the pirates

Moana (Vaiana in French) is the central character of Moana, the latest animated film from Disney Studios. This one is inspired by the Polynesian myths of the creation of the world and their pantheon of heroes and deities. In this story, the world is created by Te Fiti, a goddess who then takes place in the sea as an island. Everything is going well until the demigod Maui comes to steal the stone that represents her heart in order to have enough power to fight Te Ka, the lava monster. But the stone is lost during the fight and the island becomes cursed for the next millennium. It is then that Moana, still a baby at the time, finds the stone on the beach. As a teenager, the island is getting worse and worse and she decides to leave to reunite the stone with the goddess. She will be accompanied by Pua, her tamed pig, Hei hei, a silly rooster and Maui, the demigod responsible for the disaster. On their way, they will meet many enemies, among which the kakamora pirates. These are strange creatures who do not speak and wear coconuts as armor. They may look cute, but they’re actually quite formidable and will do anything to try and steal the stone.


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