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Moana Ultimate (Moana)

A strange travel companion

For this Ultimate version, Moana is represented here on the beach with the sand as a base and a wave bringing her the shell in which Te Fiti’s heart is located. She wears the typical Polynesian outfit that she wears throughout the film, a skirt with a layer of fringed loincloth and a layer of beige fabric with an orange belt. On top, she wears a short sleeveless headband of the same orange as her belt. We also find her long black curly hair flying in the wind. She is also accompanied by the brightly colored rooster who finds himself part of the journey despite himself.


A traveling princess

Moana (Vaiana in the French version) is the heroine of the Disney cartoon of the same name, inspired very freely by Polynesian legends about the creation of the world and the Polynesian islands in particular. She is the daughter of the chief of the island, who is destined to become chief in her turn later on. For decades, her people have not ventured beyond the barrier reef to fish. But one day, the fish run out and the coconuts rot in the trees. All this is due to the fact that the heart of Te Fiti, the creator goddess, has been stolen from her. This heart was washed up on the beach when Moana was a child and she feels it is her duty to bring it back. Against her father’s wishes, Moana ventures beyond the shores into the open sea and seeks the help of the demigod Maui, the one who stole the heart before losing it. During this journey, Moana will learn more about herself but also about the history of her people.


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