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Morty with laptop (Rick and Morty)

A lifelong companion

Morty is shown here with his laptop. This does not seem to be from any particular episode as he is often shown using it. He is wearing his usual blue jeans and yellow t-shirt and is sitting cross-legged with his computer on his lap. This one is grey with a logo that can represent a grip or a hand with two fingers raised. At the level of the head, we find his brown hair all simple and his simple face but showing here a rather worried expression.


A family like no other

Morty is one of the two heroes of the animated series for adults Rick and Morty. He is a rather naive young teenager who will find himself embroiled in the adventures of Rick, his eccentric but brilliant grandfather who built a car that can travel through time, space and dimensions. This series is a kind of parody of Back to the Future but much less moral where Rick is an alcoholic living in his daughter’s garage and Morty is not as nice as he seems. He will meet several versions of himself from different dimensions and all of them will not be as harmless.


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