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Mount Lady (My Hero Academia)

A great heroine

For this character with exceptional dimensions, Funko has represented Mount Lady in a super sized version of 15 inches. She wears her very elastic tight-fitting costume that can grow with her as she grows. It is white with tall purple boots and matching gloves and bustier. On her head, she wears her purple mask with large horns protruding from it and finally, she has long blonde, almost white, elegantly curled hair.


A superheroine extraordinaire

Mount Lady, whose real name is Yu Takeyama, is a superheroine who has just launched her activity in the manga and anime My Hero Academia. She is a very beautiful but rather vain young woman who doesn’t hesitate to use her charm to get what she wants from other heroes but she also knows how to be responsible and brave when it’s important. Her alter is gigantism, which allows her to grow up to 20 meters when she is in a state of excitement.


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