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Movie Moments Lock, Shock & Barrel (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

A funny vehicle

For this new movie moments figurine, Funko represented the three children in the living bathtub in which they move a few times. This one is white and has feet like the legs of an animal. Lock is represented with his devil mask and red costume, Barrel with his skeleton mask and his green hair lollipop and finally Shock with his witch mask, his pointed hat and his funny blue hair.

The troublemakers

Lock, Shock and Barrel are three children who have a rather important role in the famous stop motion cartoon imagined by Tim Burton, The Strange Christmas of Mr. Jack. They are the three children dressed up for Halloween and perpetually doing tricks to the inhabitants of the city. Lock, with his devil mask is the oldest and therefore the leader but Shock, the only girl is the smartest and therefore considers herself the real leader. Barrel, the youngest with his skeleton mask is mostly interested in sweets. They are hired by Oogie Boogie to kidnap Santa Claus after Jack tells him about this funny new character.


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