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Movie Moments Sorcerer Mickey (Fantasia)

A mythical moment

Fantasia was and remains a masterpiece of animation with its superb images in so many different universes. For this movie moments, Funko decided to represent Mickey on his rock in the middle of the sea. We find this high and narrow gray rock surrounded by impressive waves reaching the top of it. The waves are painted in beautiful shades of blue with white foam on the edges. Mickey is standing on top of this rock with his red magician’s robe, his big brown shoes, and that famous pointed hat with a star and a moon.


A cult movie

Sorcerer Mickey comes from the movie Fantasia, one of the first Disney feature films and the first feature film featuring their mascot Mickey. In this movie, Mickey is the apprentice of the great magician Yen Sid who only gives him boring tasks like cleaning and tidying. So when the magician goes to bed, Mickey bewitches the brooms to do the cleaning by himself and falls asleep on the magician’s desk. He then dreams that he is having incredible adventures and that he has acquired the magician’s powers. He finds himself on a rock in the middle of the sea at one point and has fun controlling the waves as if he were a conductor.


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