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Mr Clarke (Stranger Things)

A typical teacher look

Mr. Clarke has a characteristic teacher look with a marked 80’s touch. Mr. Clarke is shown here during Will’s wake scene. He is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie and a gray wool vest. With this, he wears brown shoes. Finally, at the level of the head, one recognizes well his very wise haircut and especially his famous small mustache. He holds in his hands the cardboard plate on which he draws to explain to the boys the theory of the parallel worlds and how to reach them. This drawing is very finely represented and this figurine is particularly successful.


A dedicated teacher

Mr. Clarke is a secondary character but his participation is important for the scenario of the famous Netflix series Stranger Things. The series is set in the 1980s in the small town of Hawkins, USA. At the beginning of the story, young Will is walking home after an afternoon of role-playing with his three friends. On his way home, he meets a terrifying creature that chases him and kidnaps him without a trace. Very quickly the police but also his mother and his friends will do everything to find him. Mr. Clarke is the four boys’ science teacher. He is a dedicated teacher who is passionate about his subject and appreciates the boys’ interest in science and technology. He even gets them a CB device for long distance communication. When they begin to understand that Will is being held in some sort of parallel reality, it is to Mr. Clarke that they will come to ask for explanations and finally it is also him who will explain to them how to create a sensory isolation chamber so that Eleven can get there.


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