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Mulan riding Khan (Mulan)

A warrior and her mount

Mulan is shown here on the back of her horse Khan as she rides to the imperial city. Khan is a black and white horse and is shown rearing on a clear plastic stand. He has a turquoise saddle and red reindeer with gold decorations. Mulan, on the other hand, wears a simple white dress with a blue tunic with turquoise sleeves and proudly holds Khan’s reindeer. Finally, her black hair is cut in a square to pass more easily for a man.


Warrior to the end

Mulan is the heroine of the Disney Mulan drawing inspired by a famous Chinese legend. She is a young Chinese woman who has trouble conforming to the demands of being docile and graceful in order to find a husband. And when the Huns invade China and her elderly and already wounded father is asked to join the war effort, she decides to take his place. She takes his armor and horse and pretends to be a man to join the army in his place. The beginning is difficult but just as her squad has won a victory against the Huns, her captain discovers that Mulan is a woman. He sends her home as his troop heads for the imperial city. On the way, Mulan realizes that the Huns were not as defeated as she thought and heads to the imperial city for a final attack. Mulan is the only one who can prevent this.


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