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Mushu with gong (Mulan)

A not very glorious function

Mushu is represented here with the small gong that he must use to wake up the spirits according to the order of the main great spirit. Mushu is a kind of small miniature dragon standing on his hind legs. He is red with a yellow chest and a long tail. He has a typical Asian dragon face with long yellow whiskers, large ears and horns on top of his head. In his left hand he holds a small golden gong and in his right hand the stick to tap on.


A dragon like no other

Mushu is one of the main characters in the Disney cartoon Mulan set in medieval China. When the young Mulan decides to steal her father’s armor in order to replace him in the imperial army, the great protective spirits of the family must awaken to find a solution to help her. Mushu is a dragon who was degraded to the lowest rank after a fiasco that cost one of the ancestors his head, which explains his small size. But when the great stone dragon that the ancestors wanted to send doesn’t wake up, Mushu decides to take it upon himself to help Mulan in the hope of regaining his position. He will try to help Mulan to integrate into the army with the help of a small lucky cricket offered by Mulan’s grandmother and will do better than one could have imagined.


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