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Mushu with cricket supersized (Mulan)

Lovable companions

Mushu and cricket are shown here in a 25 cm supersized version. Mushu stands on his hind legs and his long dragon tail can be seen at the back. His body is yellow and red and he has the classic Asian dragon head with a Disney twist. He has long yellow whiskers, a big red nose and blue horns on the top of his head. In his right hand, he holds the famous little cricket with a blue body and a purple face.


An unusual assistant

Mushu is the famous little dragon assistant Mulan in the Disney cartoon of the same name. Indeed, the latter has decided to steal her father’s armor in order to fight the Huns invading China in his place. The protective spirits of the family felt that this was going to be a difficult task, so they decided to send her some help. So they asked Mushu, the little degraded dragon, to wake up the great stone dragon. But Mushu broke it and decided to replace it, thinking that if he succeeded, he could perhaps recover his functions. He takes with him Mulan’s grandmother’s lucky little cricket who will become his assistant. Despite his unorthodox methods, Mushu manages to help Mulan become a real fighter and integrate into his squad. In the end, she saves the emperor and China from the Hun attack.


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