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Negan (The Walking Dead)

Negan and Lucille

As in the show, Negan wears military type pants with matching boots. On top of that, he wears his famous leather jacket with a big red scarf. On the head, we can see his mustache and his black hair as well as his light three-day beard. Finally, he holds his famous baseball bat surrounded by barbed wire with which he killed many characters and that he affectionately calls Lucille.


The King of the Saviors

Negan is a character from the famous post-apocalyptic TV series The Walking Dead, based on the comic books of the same name. In this series, a mysterious epidemic has turned a large part of the population into zombies. We follow a group of survivors led by Sheriff Rick Grimes. In season six, they come across another group called the Saviors, who have taken to racketeering the other groups by taking a share of their supplies in exchange for protection against zombies. Negan is their leader and he is a very violent man. His group is mainly made up of men and the only women in it are all his wives.


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