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Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter)

Neville and his toad

Neville is represented here during his first years at Hogwarts. Indeed, from the fifth film onwards, we almost never see students wearing their wizard’s robes anymore. He wears here the Hogwarts uniform: black pants and shoes and a sweater over a shirt and tie. The red and gold colors of Gryffindor, his house at Hogwarts, are visible on his sweater and tie. He also wears his wizard’s robe with the Hogwarts emblem on the chest. On the head, Funko has particularly well represented his hair always a little disheveled. Finally, he carries his wand in his right hand and in his left hand, he carries his pet, the toad named Trevor.


A real Gryffindor

Neville Longbottom is an important character in the famous literary and cinematographic saga Harry Potter. In seven books and eight films, Harry Potter tells the story of a young English boy who will discover the year he turns eleven that he is a wizard. He will then join, like his parents before him, the magic school of Hogwarts and discover a new world. But he also learns that his parents, whom he thought died in a car accident, died protecting him from Voldemort, one of the most terrible wizards of all time, when he was only one year old. Unfortunately, Voldemort is not as dead as everyone thought and soon Harry will have to fight him. Fortunately, Harry can count on his new friends to fight his enemies. At first, Neville is the rather clumsy and unlucky little boy who is often the comic relief of the story. But as the books progress, we learn more about him and the tragic fate of his parents who went mad fighting Voldemort. He became more confident and became an expert in herbology. In fifth year, he will follow Harry when Harry decides to create a secret club to teach students how to defend themselves. He will also play a very important role in the final battle against Voldemort at Hogwarts.


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