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Oz (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

A pure product of the end of the 90’s

The look of Oz (real name Daniel Osbourne) changes little during the 3 seasons he is present. He has the typical punk/rock look of the late 90’s, i.e. baggy pants, a band t-shirt or a flashy colored shirt with skateboarders’ sneakers. Here, he is most likely represented with his look from the promo photos of season 2 (look that we find almost identically in one of the first episodes where he appears). Indeed, we find the gray pants, sneakers and the burgundy T-shirt that they chose to keep plain on the figurine. On the other hand, the small details, again so typical of that time, are finely represented: the bracelets with big pearls and the black leather one with studs. Finally, even if Oz tends to change his hair color often, it is with his natural red hair color that he is represented here as well as with his typical spiky haircut worn by several characters of the series at that time.

The werewolf and the witch

Oz is one of the important characters of the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. He appears for the first time at the beginning of season 2. He is a musician in one of the bands that often performs in the club “The Bronze” where all the youth of Sunnydale used to meet. We briefly meet him several times and he seems to be interested in Willow. They finally get to know each other and in the middle of season 2 and when they start dating, Willow realizes that he is in fact a werewolf (contaminated by his own little cousin). Oz is a bit of an offbeat character, right at home in the Buffy universe. He is always calm and a bit detached with a humor that is always surprising to others. Like Willow, he has a high IQ, and it’s when they are both approached by the CIA during orientation day that they end up meeting. Oz will become one of the main characters in season 3 but at the beginning of season 4 when they all arrive at college, he meets a musician who turns out to be a werewolf. He tries to resist her attraction but ends up sleeping with her in her werewolf form. Feeling guilty about Willow, he decides to leave Sunnydale to learn to control his impulses. He makes another appearance at the end of the season, but Willow is now realizing that she is gay and that she has feelings for Tara. Oz finally still can’t control his urges and he will definitely leave the show.


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