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Patrick Star with plank (Spongebob Squarepants)

A champion handyman

Patrick was portrayed here as we see him in an episode where he tries to help Bob remodel his house but he accidentally nails a board on his head and keeps it there for a whole episode. We find his body all pink with its five branches representing his feet, his arms and his head. He wears his flowered shorts and holds a hammer in his left hand. At the level of the head, he makes a face and has a board nailed on the top.

A silly star

Patrick Star is the most famous starfish of the famous cartoon Sponge Bob. Airing on Nickelodeon for over 20 years, the series follows the adventures of Bob, an anthropomorphic sponge living at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and his friends and neighbors at Bikini Bottom. Patrick is Bob’s neighbor and best friend. He is always happy and spends most of his days in his sandy house on the couch watching TV. Patrick is mostly very silly and few people can stand him except Bob, but he is surprisingly wise from time to time.


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