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Patronus Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

An adorable shield

Like the other patronuses of the series, this one is represented in slightly translucent blue plastic, since these are made of pure energy. Ron’s Jack Russell is shown trotting with his paws up and filaments of light coming from his paws and tail to give that perpetual motion feeling of the bosses. He has a small head with a short muzzle, a smiling expression and rather long but drooping ears. His tail is raised in a joyful attitude.


A Loyal Friend

Patronus is one of the most important spells in a wizard’s arsenal in the Harry Potter literary and film saga. It is a powerful but difficult spell to produce that students usually don’t learn until their final years at Hogwarts. But in third year, Sirius Black has escaped from prison and the Detractors are sent to Hogwarts to find him. These vicious creatures, especially those who have traumatic things in their past, are particularly interested in Harry. Professor Lupin will teach him to produce a patronus to defend himself. This will save his life and, in fifth year, after Voldemort’s return, he will teach it to all the students of Hogwarts who will want it since their new teacher of defense against the forces of evil does not really help them to defend themselves from anything. The Patronus is composed of pure positive energy. It can take the form of a simple shield, but when the wizard masters it well, it takes the form of an animal that is unique to each wizard and somehow represents their personality. In Ron’s case, it’s a dog, more precisely a Jack Russell terrier.


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