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Minerva McGonagall Yule Ball (Harry Potter)

A party outfit

For this new version of McGonagall, Funko has depicted her in the party outfit she wears during the Yule Ball. It’s a long green dress with very wide sleeves reaching almost to the floor with pretty golden buttons. Her hands are crossed in front of her and we can see her black sleeves underneath. At the head level, we can see her brown hair hidden under her big black pointed hat decorated with green feathers and a jewel with a shiny stone.


The Head of Gryffindor

Minerva McGonagall is the Head of Gryffindor House in the famous literary and cinematic saga Harry Potter. She is also the deputy headmistress of the school and one of the closest people to Dumbledore in addition to teaching shapeshifting. She is also an animagus, one of those rare wizards who can change into an animal, in her case a tabby cat. She was there when baby Harry was taken home by Hagrid after his parents died and brought to his aunt and uncle. Professor McGonagall is stern but fair, and sometimes she is even willing to break the rules a bit if it’s for the well-being of her house. In the fourth installment, when the school holds a Yule Ball in honor of guests from other magical schools, Professor McGonagall insists that they know how to dance and behave perfectly. However, she is also very concerned that Harry will be one of the participants during the Goblet of Fire.


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