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Pink Ranger (Power Rangers 2017)

A stylish ranger

Like the other characters, Pink Ranger has a very modern metallic outfit, but being a woman, this one is adapted to her body type and her design is also a bit more elegant with a tangle of pink, grey and traces of blue patterns. At the level of the head, her helmet seems to be inspired both by the dinosaur to which she is related and by the crane with its long beak which is also one of her favorite animals.


The pterodactyl ranger

Pink Ranger is one of the heroines of the movie Power Rangers, the adaptation of the famous saga of the 80s and 90s featuring five young people brought together by the sage Zordon to form the new generation of Power Rangers. These warriors will have to fight Rita Repulsa, a powerful witch and former ranger with evil intentions who has just escaped from her prison. Her real name is Katherine Hart, and at first she’s a typical California girl who’s a bit shallow, but she gets softer over time. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor and is very good at many things such as gymnastics, dancing or even archery.


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