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Yellow Ranger (Power Rangers 2017)

The Saber-toothed Tiger Ranger

As for the Pink Ranger, Trini being a woman, her costume is a little adapted to her physicality and thus has a little more elegant forms. It is identical to the Pink Ranger’s costume except for the color and the shape of the helmet. As for all the other characters, his helmet refers to the prehistoric animal to which he is related, in his case the saber-toothed tiger with its two silver fangs on the sides of the face.


The martial arts specialist

The Yellow Ranger is one of the five teenagers chosen to be part of the Power Rangers in the new movie adapted from the famous series of the 80/90s. They are recruited by Zordon to fight the terrible Rita Repulsa, a powerful witch who recently escaped. Trini was chosen to be part of these warriors thanks to her intelligence, her kindness and especially her great knowledge of martial arts


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