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Porg chase (Star Wars)

A terrified Porg

Funko has represented him in this chase version almost identical to the first version except that he has his mouth open screaming like in the trailer. We find otherwise his small round body with plumage nicely represented with its small brown wings on the side as well as its large webbed feet which remind us that he is surely a sea bird. Finally at the level of the head, we find this small head which seems to be more that of a rodent than a bird with its large round eyes, its small nose and its mouth with small pointed teeth.


A funny little plush

The Porg is a small bird with a particularly expressive face living on the planet Ahch-To and that we will discover in the new opus of the saga Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Ahch-To is the planet where Luke Skywalker went into exile after his order was decimated. If we don’t know yet if the Porg will have a real role or if he will only be the cute little mascot next to Chewbacca, he has already made a lot of noise since his appearance in the first trailer of the movie.


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