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Prince Charming (Once Upon A Time)

A real prince

Charming is represented here with his fairy tale world prince outfit. We find this brown outfit with black boots. Funko did not forget the nice details of red embroidery on his gloves and tunic. He wears of course a sword at the waist and if the figurine is rather successful, we could have hoped for lighter hair to fit perfectly with the blond hair of the character of the series.


A Comatose Prince

Prince Charming is one of the main characters in the television series Once Upon A Time. At the beginning of the series, he is married to Snow White and has just had a baby. But the evil queen casts a spell that plunges the fairy tale world into a world without magic. Left for dead, the prince finds himself in a coma in the real world. When he wakes up, although he is married, he soon develops feelings for Mary Margaret, who is none other than Snow White.


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