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Regina with fireball (Once Upon A Time)

A new version of Regina

Regina being one of the most popular characters of the series, it is not surprising that Funko decided to make a new version of her. On the other hand, it may be surprising that they decided to represent her again with one of her villain outfits and not a more normal one as we see her very often in the real world. This figure is however very successful and particularly detailed in the dress. We find nice tone on tone embroidery on the burgundy part as well as the very nice piece of beige lace on the bustier. We also find very well the feather texture of the skirt and Funko did not forget the necklace matching the top of her dress. At the head level, we find her makeup very marked on the eyes and her mole above the lip. Her hair is tied in an intricate bun on top of her head and she holds a fireball in her hand.


The villain turned heroine

Regina is one of the main characters in the series Once Upon A Time. In this series, Snow White’s evil queen, Regina, cast a terrible spell that plunged her entire world into a world without magic where no one remembers who they are except her. They now live in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, and Regina is mayor. At the end of season 1, the spell is lifted thanks to Henry, her adopted son, and Emma Swan, her biological mother, who also happens to be Snow White’s daughter. Regina then becomes an outcast. After several attempts to take over the town, she decides to change and become a good person for the sake of her adopted son.


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